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Life's Journeys

Trish Whitfield 


Trish we felt very welcoming and enjoyed your interview. You were fantastic and could not of gone better Thank you! Everything was wonderful!! The whole ceremony was what we asked for. Fantastic Celebrant and photographer

Alison and Gary Ainscough

24th August 2019 w

Trish you were very helpful and put us at ease. you were welcoming to our guest and provided a stress free day. Capturing some special moments off guard, with photos. Would definitely recommend to our family and friends

Amie and Adam Hoffmann

15th February 2020

Thank you very much Trish you were amazing! There was nothing you could have done better your were outstanding! Lovely ceremony and great photos! You made is special and personalised by providing a book with readings to chose from and also umbrellas on the day. Interview was very friendly and great! Definitely recommend you to our friends and family!

Kara and Troy Bullman

Wedding 7th November 2015

Great, easy to connect and get along with. The Ceremony was fantastic!!! We liked how you keep letting us know what was going to come next in the ceremony and talked us through it all. Thank you for a great ceremony!!!

Cassandra and Trevor Domjahn

Wedding 29th August 2015

Trish you were informative and reassuring. The ceremony was intimate, to the point, exactly how we had hoped it would be. I really liked the personalised photo on the ceremony booklet. The engraved glasses were very special Thank You! And Gordon for taking the photos as well. Thanks you for your wonderful service and will definitely recommend you to others!!!

Leesa and Colin Williams

Wedding 18th July 2015

Trish you were very professional and right from the start we both felt relaxed and welcome. We loved the intimacy and atmosphere and the relationship with Trish was so touching. You made it special by involving our children and insisting we had a rehearsal was a great idea as it really helped with the comfort level of the whole day!! Thanks for the Outstanding Job!!!!!

Tammy and John Oldfield

Wedding 26th July 2015

Trish we just want to say that the ceremony was Excellent!!! We would like to thank you for your help and patience during this time and we will certainly be recommending you to our friends.

Mark and Nattaya

Wedding 21st March 2015

The ceremony was Great other than been a bit windy!!! The thing we liked that made it personalised to our needs was that there were lots of emails and allowing our ceremony vowels to be whatever we liked!! We did recommend you to our friends!!

Allyson and Wiki Nikora

Wedding 3rd January 2015

Everything was great and clear understanding of the ceremony, Trish was easy to work with. The ceremony on the day was perfect!! Everything was amazing and easy to understand. Trish worked with the both of us and incorporated what we wanted into our ceremony. It was hassle free, so easy to get along with and to contact. Quirky and fun just like us!!! Would recommend Trish without a doubt or hesitation!!!

Ben & Rebecca McNair

Wedding 13th December 2014

The poems and readings, songs were all personal. You listened to us and advised on suggestions that were utilised in the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful, appropriate and lovely! Trish you were easy-going and approachable and it was a beautiful way to celebrate Liam!!!

Penny and John Taylor

Naming 29th November 2014

The interview process was very professional and prompt after initial contact. The ceremony was very professional, personal and well delivered. For us, everything was perfect and ran very smoothly. I liked the way that we could pick and choose bits & pieces from your book to make it personal and meaningful to us. Would recommend you for sure. Thank you for helping make our day special!

Kate & Ben KIng

Wedding 18th October 2014

The interview was very, very friendly. The ceremony was very kind hearted and special. Wouldn't change a thing, everything was absolutely perfect. Joking with the bride & groom, and making sure the bride was comfortable was really wonderful. We would defiantly recommend you. Gordon & yourself did a really good and beautiful job!

Sharon & Wayne Wagner

Wedding 1st Novemeber 2014

The interview was very informative. The ceremony was very heart felt. The personal touches were very lovely. Thank you, it was a great day.

Denis Best & Kay Lenehan

Wedding 17th May 2014

The interview process was extremely professional, helpful & understanding. During the ceremony we were thankful we had you as our celebrant. We wouldn't have changed a thing. The gifts and photos were really lovely. Would recommend you!

Lisa Trevillian & Johnny Marjonovic

Wedding 22nd March 2014

During the interview process you were very accommodating and easy to talk to. During the ceremony you were very professional and it was very personalise, just lovely. Wouldn't change a thing, it was beautiful and very special to us. You gave us support & encouragement, was very relaxed and fun but still tasteful & a lovely service. Would definitely recommend you ! Thank you so much.

Rick & Lynda

Wedding 31st July 2014

The interview process along with the ceremony were very good!, Everything ran smoothly. We would defiantly recommend you.

MD & Actab Hosain

Wedding 18th May 2014

The interview process was very professional, comfortable and everything was great. The ceremony was beautiful, words cannot do justice to how amazing the day was because of you. Wouldn't change a thing. Everything was perfect. Your warm smile, interaction with the guests and the beautiful gift were amazing. I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat! Thank you both for everything.

Gaynor & Wayne

Wedding 11th May 2014

The interview process was a relaxed meeting at our home. The ceremony was a beautiful & relaxed service for our little girl. You were friendly to everyone. We really liked the bear for everyone to sign and the rose petals when naming her, Would recommend you for sure!. Thank you.

Naming of Molly Oliver

19th April 2014

During the interview process we felt really comfortable and well informed. The ceremony was well thought out, personalised & beautiful despite horrible weather. I cant think of anything we would have changed ! We were so impressed with your services ! You efforts in providing the bits & pieces for the sand ceremony were perfect! Also the discs with the photos on them were beautiful !. We would absolutely recommend you. You were wonderful Trish ! We made the right choice.

Danielle & Hayden Berry

Wedding 1st March 2014

The interview was really relaxed, informative & calming. The ceremony was professional, perfect & happy. Wouldn't change anything, everything was more than could have expected. The entire service was personal. Of course we would recommend you, we couldn't do it enough !!. Everyone commented on how perfect the ceremony was and how friendly, welcoming & professional you & your husband are :). Thank you both so much !!

Naming Of Mitchell Patterson

30th March 2014

The interview was re-assuring, comfortable and very informative. The ceremony was fun, flexible, adaptable and was very confident about it. You made me feel more at ease which in turn helped with my nerves. We would definitely recommend you. Thank you so much once again to you both !

Celine Lany & Matthew Phythian

Wedding 8th March 2014

We were very pleased with the service. We felt like you got to know us in order to provide a better service. We would defiantly use your service again. Thank you very much for making our day special.

Kelly & Pieter Zuydervilet

Wedding 31st August 2013

Thanks so much Trish. The interview was very helpful and made us aware of what we can expect of the day of the ceremony. The ceremony was done in a very professional and unique way. Couldn't have done anything better. Would recommend you in the future. We would like to thank you so much for your great help and services.

Mourad Ramses Saad & Xianqing Zhang

Wedding 12th January 2014

Trish was really easy going and friendly during the interview process. The ceremony was great, many thanks. Would defiantly recommend you in the future. Thank you, regards Clarissa & Jonathon.

Clarissa & Jonathon Hulks

Wedding 11th December 2013

You were very helpful and friendly at all times. You delivered our ceremony in a very professional yet friendly manner. Wouldn't change a thing our ceremo9ny was perfect and ran exactly how we wanted. We would definitely recommend you. We just want to thank you for being our celebrant and helping make our day special !. It definitely wouldn't have been the same without you. I Really appreciate all you did !

Emma & Michael Napper

Wedding 12th October 2013

During the interview we felt very comfortable and that it was easy going. Trish in the ceremony had a very calming influence to us but very professional service. Nothing could have been done better, service was everything that Darren & I could have wished for. We would highly recommend you. Exceptional service and really professional. Thanks so much. Love Mandy & Dazza xxoo

Amanda & Darren Goodman

Wedding 2nd November 2013

The interview was relaxed & professional, The ceremony was friendly while also fun. We would recommend you.

Glenn and Linda Fletcher

Wedding 30th November 2013

The interview process was excellent, and the ceremony was very good. Would highly recommend you. Thank you for the disc of pictures.

Donna and Jason Sharpe

Wedding 18th October 2013

Valuable experience shone through, very thorough while also very flexible in the interview. The ceremony was perfect, very beautiful while very relaxed & stress free. Not impossible to improve on perfection. Thank you ever so much for making our day the beautiful & very special occasion it was. We thoroughly recommend Trish for any ceremony. She even provides road side assistance LOL!

Jane and Graham Lewis

Wedding 5th October 2013

Thank you so much Trish & Gordon for making our wedding run so smoothly. We really appreciate all you both did. Our day was perfect. Dee xxx

Dee and Peter Stockton

Wedding 29th September 2013

Trish you are amazing!! Along with your husband. The ceremony ran perfectly, everything I imaged. Thank you for letting me write the ceremony!!! So professional yet personal and welcoming. My only regret is not having you guys spend the night celebrating with us!!! Thanks again, can't wait to see the photos!!!

Sarah and David Hodge

Wedding 21st September 2013

Great communication and preparation! You delivered everything we wanted on the day. Trish the service you delivered was excellent! You conducted everything as we directed. Thanks for your guidance and contribution in the success of our special day!!!!

Steve and Toi Kerr

Renewal of Vows 15th September 2013

I would not have changed a thing, it was perfect! You are very professional, caring and welcoming. You made our day easy, stress free. You are very kind and easy to talk to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts XXXX

Peter and Amy Ball

Wedding 14th September 2013

The guests commented that is was a beautiful ceremony! Thank you both so much!! As always, beautifully done, very personal and always a pleasure!! You always make our occasion that extra bit special, and our wedding day was no expectation, so from the bottom of our hears Thanks you again!!!!

Kellie and Michael Hager

Wedding 13th September 2013

Thank you Trish for making this day special and in keeping the surprise from Amanda! Your were very organised and very professional the ceremony was done really nice and we all had a great time.

John and Amanda

Renewal of Vows 7th September 2013

We were so glad we choose you and Gordon it was like being married by two good friend. You made us both feel comfortable and happy the reading of the vows was great!!! The ceremony was perfect, we felt happy about having you with us from the first meeting. Thank you so much!!!

Marcelo and Tenneil

Wedding 7th September 2013

The service was well delivered and the guests were happy to hear our vows. It was a quick ceremony and we laughed which was nice. Nick and I wanted to say a big thank you for what you did on our wedding day. We had a great day!! Thanks you very much!

Renee and Nick

22nd June 2013 Wedding

The service was very friendly and professional. The photo certificate was lovely and spoken about. We were very grateful to have you as our celebrant you made Topsie's day very special and remembered. Thanks for the photos we enjoyed flicking through them as they were the first pictures we had seen. Guest were able to hear the service and said that Trish was a lovely, well presented lady and kept the service ongoing. Thanks again!!

Warwick and Jenna

2nd June 2013 Topsie's Naming

The service was great and your husband was very helpful! Loved the day there was nothing you could have done better it was an awesome day. The touches you made were heartfelt and very warming you are a lovely lady who takes her job very well! You treated us like family! Steve and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks!!

Pennie & Steve

22nd Sept 2012

We were both very delighted with every aspect, all prior and the day itself, no problems and so easy to work with. It is difficult to improve on perfection!!! The sound was again fantastic. Being an enclosed area I was afraid a little loud - But NO!! Perfect!!! music volume was lovely. Simply being yourself. Nothing was a problem to you and 100% put our wants first. The whole day was sensational, totally happy!! Thanks again!!!

David and Rosielyn Hardie

20th April 2013

We could't have been happier with the service. We felt very comfortable with you, meeting with you and Gordon over the years before the wedding. We felt that the wedding was very personal and reflected us as a couple. There was absolutely nothing you could have done better. Everyone said that they could hear the serviced perfectly there was no issue with the sound. You made it special by taking time to see us regularly as well as contacting us through email to make sure we were happy with everything. Thank you Trish (and Gordon) for making our ceremony so special and memerable. We couldn't have chosen a better celebrant!!!

Ben and Lisa Carrick

23rd March 2013

The service was very good and you were always helpful and even took your own time to help. There was one thing I think I would have like and that would be for you to allow more time between wedding so that you could stick around for a drink!! Ha! You made a book especially for us even with a photo, played our own songs, brought all you own equiptment even a signing table, and rehersal at site!!!! Thank you for all your time and we enjoyed your company!!!

Peter and Rachelle

16th March 2013

The service was very relaxed and fun, everyone enjoyed it. You allowed us our own vows and just made us feel very relaxed. Thank you so much for a fantastic ceremony!! Great job!!!

Jared and Courtney Gallaty

16th March 2013

We loved our ceremony, it was perfectly suited to our personalities. Trish you made us laugh and the atmosphere was so relaxed. There was nothing that could have gone better, The sand was clear, everything was on time, order of ceremony ran smoothly and was tailored to suit us. Trish you even took your shoes off on the sand. Brilliant!!! Thank you! Our photo on the cover of your folder was a nice touch, toasting glasses gift was really special. The specific music was played in the exact places as requested. You laughed with us the whole way through. Thank you Trish! The moment I met you at an expo, with your birlliantly organised folder containing everthing I needed. I knew you would be perfect for our ceremony. Thank You!!!

Michael and Amii Gollam

15th March 2013

The Naming service you did was lovely, orgarnised and professional. Gordon was a lovely addition. The signature bears, certificates, whole ceremony - it was great!!!! Thank you Trish!! We had a fabulous day and it was great!

Justine & Tui

27th January 2013

The service was Absolutely fantastic!! everything was perfect, the advice and guidance. Trish you were so helpful and responsive to all of our changes and requests, had we not had your help it wuld not of beenas great as it was! Thank you again for everything

Kelly and Steven

12 January 2013

The service was excellent, you answered all of my questions and put myself and Paul at ease. The was nothing you could have done better! The candle for those who had passed was a special touch also helping to dress the boys!!!! Thank you for helping to make our day so special and for making us husband and wife!!!!!

Lisa & Pavel

12 January 2013

Trish you were amazing we could not have had a better celebrant. Everyone commented on how friendly and professional you and Gordon were. You went out of your way to make our day special. Youe were so friendly and happy towards the three of us. Thank you both for everything you did, our day was amazing!!!!!

Tara & Daniel

15th December 2012

The service was perfect! Music was perfect! Your yellow suit was fantastic! Very professional but also fun. There were not complaints, guests were able to hear the service nice and clear. Some of the things you did to make our day special included table deco, matching chairs to our colour scheme and the ceremony booklet is wonderful! Trish you were/are perfect!! Thank You, thank you, our ceremony was Amazing!!!

Palamy & Daniel

Bride and Groom 10th Nov 2012

Hi Trish, Thank you for the wonderful job you did for our ceremony. It was truely amazing!!!! All the best..Greg & Rachel.

Greg and Rachel's Wedding

Bride and Groom

Great Celebrant you were awesome and I would recommend you to anyone and your husband was a great help to me on my beautiful day!! The touch you made was heartfelt and very warming, you are a lovely lady who takes her job very well, you treated us like family. Steve and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the book and cd were great!! Thanks!!

Pennie and Steve's Wedding

Bride and Groom

You are very welcoming, funny and comfortable. I could not suggest anything to improve your services, your the best Trish!!! Thank you very much Trish, Awsome Celebrant and lovely Lady! Cheers.

Christina and Brock's Wedding

Bride and Groom

Thank you fro being part of our day we wouldn't of wanted anything changed, it was PERFECT!!!! You are so easy to talk to , yet still professional. Personal and very us. Thank you!!

Yvette and Peter's Wedding

Bride and Groom

Beautiful site,



You made my day (Jye's day actually) very special. I couldn't have asked for a more kind hearted, lovely, accomodating person! All of my guests thought the ceremony was absolutely lovely! The special touch of photo in bacground of the certificates, wishing cards and beautiful hand made cover of the service was great! I am very happy with you and Gordon and couldn't have imagine the day go better!!!

Alyce Small

Naming for Jyes

The service was absolutately amazing! Everything went to plan and was enjoyed by all who attended. Extremely pleased with the whole organisation that you provided, it was wonderful. Being able to organise it from so far away was the best. Overall we had a lot of our family say how nice you ran the service and it was done very well.

Peter Dingwall

Naming for Xavier

The service was beautiful, professional and efficient. Knowing that we wanted a simple service you kept it that way and your relaxed (yet professional) nature made it easy for us. Your service booklet was a nice touch too! Thank you so much!!!

Sarah & Phil Sinclair


Words cannot express how greatful we were that you were part of our day. You made it perfect!! Thanks so much Trish oxox

Jessica and Russell's Wedding

Jess Trott

The service was professional, caring, well organised and prepared. It was personalised by the ceremony options and to be able to choose exactly what we wanted to have. Thanks for a lovely day!

Ellee & Nicholas's Naming Day

Wendy Ryan

Thank You Trish for the beautiful ceremony you conducted for Wade and Katrina's wedding, you made the day special and meaningfull and a day to remember.

Cathy and Warren

Wedding Ceremony

It was perfect! The cermony was awesome, thanks again.

Noah's Naming Day


Mick & Sonya's Wedding. It was everything we wished for. Trish just knew what we wanted. It was perfect. We loved the service, a time we will never forget.

Sonya & Mick's Wedding